15 Things You Can Do Today to Change Your Golf Game Forever

There are so many things you can do to improve your golf game but if you want to go from a good player to a great player then this is for you. Here’s a list of 15 actions you can take today that will completely change your golf game. The more swings you take the better you’ll get.

Swing #1: Go to the driving range

This one is pretty obvious, the more balls you hit the better you will become at it. It may be simple but remember that sometimes just showing up is half the battle. Take the time to practise different kinds of shots and make sure you can master every single club in your bag. It’s easy to get distracted and aimlessly hit golf balls. Bring only 1 club with you and make sure you always have a target, preferably not a moving one like the kid they’ve hired to pick up the balls in the field!

Swing #2: Buy a driving range membership

Going to the driving range once is a good warm up. Going to the driving range every day will change your game forever. Buying a membership might even give you extra motivation unless you like giving your money away.

Swing #3: Practise putting

Putting is the less forgiving of all shots. Out of all the shots you will take during a round of golf, putting requires the most precision. When you’re driving or chipping you usually have a pretty big margin of error. The ball can land a roll over a long distance and not get you in trouble. When you’re on the green being off by a hair will cost you an extra shot.

Swing #4: Get your ball higher

When approaching the green make sure you can get that ball up high in the air. Having the ball land in front of the green and roll on will work in the beginning but sooner or later you need to be able to get over obstacles that stand between you and the green. Hitting the green and having the ball roll off 50 yards passed it will cost you an extra shot. By getting the ball up high you’ll have better control and a better chance to get close to the pin.

Swing #5: Give your ball a backspin

Once you’ve mastered #4 learn how to give a backspin to your ball. Not only will this make you look like the pros on TV but you’ll have the option to aim passed the hole and have the ball roll back towards the pin. It can prove very useful when there is not a lot of room in front of the pin or when there is dangerous terrain like water in front of the green.

Swing #6: Check your grip

Next time you pick up a golf club look at your grip. Does it look like you expected? It is so easy to forget about how you are holding the club that you must constantly check and re-check to make sure it’s right. Your grip should be relaxed and not create extra tension. There are many different techniques, try them out until you find one that works for you.

Swing #7: Buy a golf mat

Sometimes going to the driving range every day is just not practical but that’s not an excuse for not practising every day. Buy a good quality golf mat and it will feel just like being on the golf course. You don’t even need to hit golf balls to improve your swing!

Swing #8: Buy a golf book

A good way to learn new drills and tricks is to read a good golf book. You can buy a book from Amazon or buy a subscription to your favourite golf magazine. It’s usually easier to learn from the pros instead of trying to learn everything by yourself.

Swing #9: Do golf stretches

To perform a perfect golf swing your body needs to have full range of motion. This means that tight hips or shoulders will degrade your performance. Learn a few basic stretches and do them right now, the more you do them the better your golf swing will be.

Swing #10: Get fit

There are a large number of exercises that can help you with your golf game and for most of them you don’t need to lock yourself up in a gym. Better fitness will lead to more power, better mechanics and flexibility which will translate into a better swing.

Swing #11: Track your shots

This one is very obvious yet not a lot of people do it. Next time you play make sure you bring a piece of paper and a pen and take note of each and every single shot you make during that game. After you’ve done this for a few rounds you will start seeing patterns and it should become obvious which part of your game you need to focus on.

Swing #12: Take lessons

Sometimes the fastest way to improve is to ask for help. Find a good golf instructor who will be able to work with you and help you achieve your goals. Make sure you check their references and try to get a trial lesson to see if you get along with that person. There’s no point spending money to hang out with someone you don’t like.

Swing #13: Buy a golf DVD

We’ve already talked about getting a good golf book. The DVD has the advantage of being able to show you exactly how to move. This is really hard to do in a book with static images.

Swing #14: Search the Internet

The Internet is a great resource full of free content. Spend a few minutes searching and you will probably find the answer to your latest golf problem. Use it to find great videos to see your favourite golf pro in action or look for new drills to make your practice sessions more interesting.

Swing #15: Go play!

This is the reason you work so hard and practise so much. Get out there and play a round of golf so you can enjoy the results of all your practice!

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