Golf Swing Basics – Part 3

In this part of our golf swing basics series we’ll look at another common issue where pulling your hands in on the downswing can cause you grief.

Now that you understand the two basic motions of the swing and how pulling in your hands at the last second introduces unwanted spin we can look at how this applies to when you try to get the ball up high in the air. Being able to go through this thought process will help you fix many of your golf problems.

Each club in your golf bag has been meticulously designed with a face angle to give the ball a predetermined trajectory. Too many times, golf players are trying to lift the ball up instead of letting the club do its job and this will also often result in a slice.

Contrary to popular belief, topped iron shots are not caused by looking up but by trying to get the club under the ball to lift it up. To achieve this, you need to move the center of your pivot to the back of the ball. As we’ve seen before, changing your pivotal center results in an adjustment by the hands as the club approaches the ball on the down swing. This pulling in of the hands is almost always the cause for topping.

When you change the center of your arc after you’ve started the swing, you need to adjust or you’ll end up hitting the ground before the ball which doesn’t feel good at all and won’t give you much distance! If you practice this long enough you might be able to hit the ball consistently but you’ll usually end up slicing.

The beauty of this lesson is that it applies equally to your driver shots. Next time you hit the ball make sure you hit the ball fair and square and do not try to compensate to get the ball higher. The height of the trajectory of the ball should be determined by the angle of the club, not by how you swing.

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