Is a Golf Practice Net Worth It? — Part 2

In this short series of posts we’ll try and figure out if using a practice net to improve your golf game is a good idea. Here’s the intro post titled ‘Is a Golf Practice Net Worth it‘ which will have links to the whole series when it’s done. In this particular post we’ll start exploring the different kinds of golf nets available.

Golf Practice Net Types

There are many kinds of golf practice nets to choose from. Each type is designed to help you improve different aspects of your golf game. When you’re trying to decide if a net will help your golf game you first need to figure out what your weaknesses are. Once you know what needs improvement you can select the perfect golf net.

Golf Driving Nets

Golf driving nets are probably the type of golf net most people thing of when they think about a golf practice net. These will vary is shape an size but the simplest form consists of two vertical posts with a stretched net in between. The purpose of this net is two fold. First it will prevent the ball from travelling a long distance. This lets you practice your swing in a small area and also protects other valuables that are located behind the net. Secondly, the net will collect the balls. Some nets are better than others but essentially you won’t have to walk very far to get the balls back so you can spend more time swinging and less time running around collecting golf balls in a field!

Golf Driving Cages

Golf driving cages are essentially the same as golf driving nets but they usually enclose a whole area instead of just the front. When you step inside the cage the ball will be contained whether you hit the ball straight ahead, on the sides and even up high. These can be useful if you require more protection and you want to make sure you never miss the net. They’re also good if you want to practice high shots and you don’t have a lot of space.

Golf Chipping Nets

Golf chipping nets are usually pretty small and very easy to setup. The provide the perfect target to practice your chipping shots. They act like a bucket and will catch the ball when you hit the target. They come in different shapes and sizes and some have multiple targets.

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