Is a Golf Practice Net Worth It? — Part 3

In this short series of posts we’re exploring whether using a golf practice net is worth your time or not. In the last post we went through the different types of golf nets and what aspect of your golf game they can improve. In this post we’ll look at some of the dangers of using golf nets.

If Only it Was That Easy

I wish I could just tell you to go buy a golf net and that it would fix all your problems and you’d become a golf pro overnight. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Golf practice nets are meant to improve your golf game but in some cases they can also hurt it. There are also a few things to consider before buying a golf net to make sure you’re not disappointed with your purchase.

Golf Net Complaints

The single one complaint that seems to come up over and over again has to do with the quality of the golf net. A net that can’t stop the ball properly because it tears every time you throw a ball at it would kind of defeat the purpose. So the first thing to look for is quality netting.

A golf net that crumbles every time you throw a ball at it can also be annoying. You want to spend as much time as possible hitting golf balls not setting the net up every third swing. Find a good sturdy net made from quality materials.

Another common complaint that I hadn’t really thought about is with golf nets that have a target. First I don’t think there really is point to having a target for a driving practice net. The problem with most of them is two fold. First they can be noisy. Now you might not care that much but if you have neighbours that like to complain then don’t them this opportunity. The second issue is that most of the targets are not build to sustain the impact or a golf ball coming in at full speed. A golf net with a torn down target in the middle will quickly look like crap and then you’ll have to convince you wife that the backyoard doesn’t look like crap because of you latest toy :) .

Golf Net Disaster

Now this is really sad which is why I call it the golf net disaster. The whole point of getting a practice net and spending time using it is to improve your golf game. If you don’t know why or what you’re trying to improve and you’re aimlessly swinging you might actually find out you need to write bigger numbers on your score card the next time you play on the golf course.

The more we repeat a movement the more automatic it becomes. This is a great for a lot of things, imagine if you had to think about contracting and relaxing each and every muscle independently every time you took a step; you’d get no where fast! The reason you practise your golf swing is to make it automatic but if you don’t know what you’re doing and you just hit balls in a net how do you know you’re not making your swing worst? With most golf nets you can’t know if you just hit a slice or a straight shot. This is why you need to be prepared and have a specific goal when you’re hitting golf balls.

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