The Proper Golf Grip – Part 2

Now that you’ve seen what a proper golf grip looks like let’s get into some details as to why the overlap and interlock grips are superior. If you’ve missed part 1 you can find it here.

Compared to the baseball grip, the interlock and overlap grips have the advantage of preventing your hands from moving and twisting independently. This helps stabilize the club and reduces the tendency that many beginners have of using their forearms to transfer power to the ball instead of using their whole body. If you’ve ever missed a shot because the club turned in your hands as you hit the ball then you already understand why a good grip is important.

Try this quick exercise to prove to yourself that these grips will prevent you from twisting your hands. Take a club using your usual grip and move your wrists so you rotate your hands in opposite directions. You’ll notice that both hands can move freely without interfering with each other.

Next try the same thing but use the interlocking grip. Next try the overlap grip and notice the difference compared to the baseball grip. Now your hands are essentially tied together and it’s almost impossible to move one in one direction and the other in the opposite direction. This makes both hands work as a single unit and help stabilize the club.

This will probably feel foreign at first as most beginners use too much of their hands and fore arms to tweak their swing. As we’ve seen in the golf swing basics series too much movement from the hands often results in slicing.  By removing this ability from the hands you will automatically start using other parts of your body to control your swing.

The less movement you can do at the hands the easier it will get to bring back the club at the right sport behind the ball on your downswing. You will find that without being able to use your wrists to adjust the club, that the only way to hit the ball consistently is to adjust your pivot and swing. If you don’t make a nice circle and keep your forward arm straight as it should be you’ll probably miss the ball. It might take a bit of time to get used to all of this but once you do you will find that your slice has magically disappeared.

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