Yamaha Golf Cart

Yamaha golf carts come in different flavours. Most of them come in two basic models, gas or electric. This post will explore what kind of models are available and what they can be used for.


As a golfer these are the kind of golf carts you’re most likely to think of when you think about a golf cart. They are made with the typical design for golfers, a single large seat and space for two golf bags at the back. Yamaha calls these golf carts ‘The DRIVE’ which is very appropriate considering these are targeted at golfers. This Yamaha golf cart is a lightweight which provides better hill-climbing abilities.


Why should you limit the use of your golf cart on the course? The personal Yamaha golf cart is a supped-up version of  The DRIVE. This cart can be used to haul your groceries, the kids or your buddies.  The DRIVE PTV can be customized by adding any other number of Genuine Yamaha Accessories like a radio and speakers or a rear facing seat.


The Yamaha golf cart model for transportation is called the concierge. It comes in a 4 passenger and a 6 passenger model. These models are built for comfort and even come with stylish additions like wheel covers.  It also features ample storage in the middle seat and at the back.


This golf cart comes with a pneumatic assisted tilt dump bed with a load capacity of up to 800 lbs.  There are a few different models like the Adventurer and the super Hauler. If you need to move stuff around this is your best bet!


This Yamaha golf cart is the one you can’t wait to see on the golf court! This model only comes with the gas engine which provided enough power to haul all those ice cold refreshments. With all this weight being carried up and down hill this model has added safety from it’s 4 wheel braking system.

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